Moose Tracks on CNBC

Moose Tracks will be a focus of the CNBC program ‘How I Made My Millions’ tomorrow night (Thursday, February 17) at 9 pm Eastern time. The program will run again that day at 12 am as well as on Sunday, February 20 at 9 pm.

The show will focus on how “Wally Blume took Moose Tracks, vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge and chocolate covered peanut butter cups, from regional phenomenon in Michigan, to a national hit not by making it.. but by licensing the right to make it with his ingredients.”

If you’ve always wanted to find out how Moose Tracks came to be a national sensation, be sure to tune in and check out the show!!!

Moose Tracks for a Valentine

Suzy Ravasio Chudzik writes a touching piece about her deceased father and the many ways he was special to her including bringing her Moose Tracks at a time of need. Her thoughts:

”When I found out I was pregnant with the triplets and told my parents, they were over the moon. During the course of my pregnancy as I got further along, they came out a few times to help me with my oldest daughter, Mia, who was three at the time.

I remember a couple weeks before they were born, my dad came out on his own to spend a week with me. At that point I was miserable. I was so huge that sleeping was impossible and eating was difficult because all my organs, including my stomach, felt like they were all squished together. He would take me to my daily doctor’s appointments, entertain Mia and put together all the new furniture for Mia’s room. Basically he waited on me hand and foot. Worried that I wasn’t eating enough food, he’d make my favorite foods for dinner, including polenta and risotta. And every night, he would bring me a big bowl of moose tracks ice cream – my current craving at the time – and sit with me on the couch. We’d either watch TV, play with Mia, or he would simply listen to me cry and complain about how I uncomfortable I was and rub my back.”

Suzy, it sounds like your dad was a very special guy. We’re thankful that you had such good times together and that Moose Tracks was a small part of it.

$10,000 Donated by Moose Tracks

Just a note to say the Moose Tracks 10,000 Scoop Challenge was a complete success. Grand Rapids citizens showed up in a big way, “forced” themselves to eat free ice cream, and in the process raised $10,000 for charity! It was a great event all the way around!!!

We’re looking to expand the idea to other cities in 2011, so be on the lookout in case the event comes to your town. ;-)

Moose Tracks Triathlon

Moose Tracks is now a suitable celebration after running a triathlon:

”It took me just over an hour and 37 minutes to finish, placing me third in my age group and 15th overall. I came home with the first trophy I’ve received since my high school swim banquet nine years ago — and celebrated it all with a tremendous waffle cone of Moose Tracks ice cream.”

Actually, it’s a suitable celebration for almost anything—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries—and really, you don’t need a special reason to enjoy it. In fact, any old day is a great day to have some Moose Tracks. So what’s stopping you from having some today? ;-)

Source: Swim—bike—run—eat ice cream

Praise for Denali and Moose Tracks

We recently found this quote on the web:

”There’s no better brand to fall in love with than Moose Tracks. If you long for lots and lots of chocolaty peanut butter filled cups smothered in swirls of caramel then look no further. Head to the grocery store and try out their premium flavors created by Denali’s, there are over 40 of them after all.”

Thanks for the great review! We certainly appreciate it!

If you’d like to check out all our flavors, click here.

Source: Moose Tracks Ice Cream and Denali Flavors, What a Pair!

Palin Still Loves Moose Tracks

Republican Vice Residential candidate Sarah Palin seems to be looking for Moose Tracks ice cream wherever she goes. Check out this quote:

”Two weeks after the obscure, neophyte Alaska governor was introduced to Americans, the country remains obsessed with all things Palin. Partly it’s the refreshing, irreverent persona of this Alaskan who has injected new expressions into the national vocabulary. These include ‘moose tracks,’ a delicacy Palin was disappointed to find was not available during a campaign stop in an Indiana restaurant this week.”

Now, if we can just get Obama, McCain, and Biden talking about Moose Tracks, this election will really get cookin’. :-)

Source: Americans obsessed with all things Palin

Palin Loves Moose Tracks

On Friday, September 5, Republican Vice Residential candidate Sarah Palin stopped by a Wisconsin ice cream shop and ordered Moose Tracks ice cream. She was quoted as saying:

”I’ve got to get the moose tracks, please. Moose tracks, you know, near and dear to my heart. I can’t go wrong with it.”

The story spread quickly across the nation. Here’s a quick summary of where it appeared—starting with two mentions in the NY Times:

Themes Set, Both Campaigns Begin Dash to Election

Candidates Launch 60-Day Dash to White House

And from the LA Times:

Sarah Palin sticks to her moose roots

And from the Wall Street Journal:

Palin’s Star Power Can Outshine McCain

And for those of you who like video, see this link:

Cedarburg residents welcome McCain-Palin

And for some pictures:

Republican vice-presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin buys a Moose Tracks ice cream cone at The Chocolate Factory after a campaign stop in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with U.S. Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain

John Moore: Sarah Palin? You can have her (see bottom of the article)

Finally, here’s audio from NPR:

On The Trail With McCain

What great coverage, huh?

Now, to be fair and give equal time to all candidates, we challenge Obama/Biden to try any of our wonderful flavors and name their favorite! ;-)

Moose Tracks is Not "Moose Poop"

Here’s a comment made by Ross Cavins:

“What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name Moose Tracks? Yep, me too. Moose poop.

Ha! As you can imagine, we get this a lot. But if you’re wondering where the neme really comes from, check out :our FAQ page.

The thought of “moose poop” doesn’t turn Ross off though as he says Moose Tracks is “definitely unique and because the flavor is so amazing, you can’t forget it.”

Thanks for the kind words, Ross! ;-)

Moose Tracks around the Web

Here are a few sites that have recently talked about Moose Tracks ice cream:

Ice House a family tradition:

“In fact, on any given day — sunny or rainy — people can be seen waiting in line for their favorite Moose Tracks or Death By Chocolate ice cream at the Ice House, a local landmark and tourist favorite run by Keith and Kathy Malinowski.”

Ice Cream Delivered to Your Door?:

“If you want to order some Moose Tracks for yourself-or if you’re lucky enough to live in a Turkey Hill area and want to surprise someone with a shipment-check out this page for more information.”

Day 49: Nevada, MO to Galmey, MO:

“The single cones were HUGE! And best of all, they had my favorite flavor, Moose Tracks.”

Brownies and Moose Tracks

Kathleen loves warm brownies and Moose Tracks ice cream. She says:

”Not just 1 pan of warm brownies, but 2. Couldn’t make up my mind when I went to the store and they happened to have been on sale. Buy 1 get 1 free! So, I purchased the Turtle Brownies, and the Fudge Brownies. Now you know I didn’t stop there, I had to circle back around the ice cream isle before leaving the store and guess what, it too was buy 1 get 1 free!! Yep, Publix brand (my favorite) was on sale. So, I have Butter Pecan and Moose Tracks! I’m in Heaven.”

Good for you, Kathleen! Enjoy!

By the way, Moose Tracks tastes great on hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies too. ;-)